Letter to the editor

Mayor’s, city councilman’s actions were unethical


Minutes from the December 2019 City Council meeting indicate that Council and those present heard from Clint Hille in regards to his desire to serve on the EDC Board. Additionally, he presented council with his qualifications.

Later this same evening Councilman Blakemore made a motion to appoint Dewey Smith, Gerri Lawing, HIMSELF & MADAM MAYOR to the EDC Board. Councilman Blakemore made the motion and then, both HE & MADAM MAYOR voted in favor of their OWN appointments!

I ask those of you all reading this, how much are we as citizens going to allow? This might not be illegal, but, in my opinion, it is most definitely unethical!

During the most recent city council meeting (January 2020) Madam Mayor announced she plans to host “Coffee with the Mayor” on a monthly basis. If any share the same concerns I do and feel she, along with the majority of our seated council, should be held accountable for their actions, I would encourage you to attend.

Per Madam Mayor, this item will be placed as an agenda item to be voted on by Resolution of the council. At this time there is not a scheduled date/time.

There are many questions our community deserves answers to. Our town deserves better!

Valorie Daniel

Cost, Texas