New Sheriff in town: Ynclan takes oath

4 others sworn in on Jan. 1


The Gonzales County Courthouse third floor courtroom was bustling with members of law enforcement, newly and reelected county officials, friends and family for the first swearing-in ceremony of 2021. Five elected officials were sworn in at 9 a.m. Jan. 1.

After wishing everyone in attendance a Happy New Year, Gonzales County Judge Patrick C. Davis began by swearing in Robert Ynclan, who was recently elected Gonzales County Sheriff.

Ynclan said he felt that his election was assisted by a higher power.

“I want to thank everybody for this momentous occasion,” Ynclan said. “I want y’all to know, has this would not have been done unless God was helping me, because we had so many things thrown at us when we were first starting out. And the result was nobody’s bigger or better than God. If he directs you, well, the direction and the path that he wants you to be on, there’s nobody stopping it. Nobody can stop his will.”

“I want y’all to know that he loves everybody. We all have to go from this earth at one time. And we all decide who’s side you want to be, good side or the bad side. It’s up to y’all. He gives you the free will to do that. Thank y’all for coming. I really appreciate it. Thank you.”

Also sworn in at the ceremony were Constables for Precincts 1, 3 and 4. Johnnie Hall, Derek Johnson and John Moreno. Hall is new to Precinct 1, while Johnson and Moreno were reelected to their positions in Precincts 3 and 4.

“I just want to say that I'm gonna do my best to, you know, work as hard as I can and do a good job for you here as your new constable in Precicnt 1,” Hall said. “If you ever need anything, just give me a call. My numbers available, posted everywhere. It’s a personal cell number and I'm always grateful. So, look forward to working with all of you guys. And if you need anything, let me know.”

Tax Assessor-Collector Crystal Cedillo was also sworn in for another term, having been reelected.

“Thank you for your support,” Cedillo said. “I’m glad to see you all here for all of the elected officials and our new Sheriff. I’m glad to work with our new Sheriff here, and Happy New Year.”