Nixon City Council candidates answer Q&A


The Nixon City Council race will feature 10 candidates seeking three available at-large spots on the Nixon City Council. They are, in ballot order, Justin B. La Fleur (incumbent), Angel De La Cruz, Patsy Vigil Scherrer, Shannon Smith, Michael Martinez, Adolph Trigo, Rene Amaya (incumbent), J.J. Garza, Bryan Williams and Melissa Pompa.

Only three of the candidates responded to a request for candidate questionnaires by the Gonzales Inquirer — La Fleur, Trigo and Pompa. They will be introduced and their responses to our questions will be given in ballot order. The responses have not been edited and are the words of the candidates in their entirety.

Name: Justin La Fleur

Age: 39

Education: BS, Texas A&M University.

Current Occupation: Business Operations & Sales.

Certifications held: N/a

Previously elected to any office: Nixon City Council, 3rd Term.

Volunteer work or service in non-elected positions: Little League, CFPO, Knights of Columbus

Name: Adolph Trigo

Age: 50

Education: High School Graduate. Associate Degree. Bachelor Degree in Agriculture Business. Master of Business Administration.

Current Occupation: Retired.

Certifications held: N/A

Previously elected to any office: 2001 & 2022 President Nixon Area Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture. 2003 Vice President for 2003 Nixon Area Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture. 

Volunteer work or service in non-elected positions: First Baptist Church Nixon; Facilities Committee, Usher & Greeter, Missions Committee, Tuesday night Bible Study Teacher, 

Emergency Committee, Youth Camp Volunteer, Sunday Church Video Posting and Vacation Bible School.

Name: Melissa (Mendez) Pompa

Age: 44

Education: High School diploma

Current Occupation:  Treasury Management Public Funds Product Specialist.

Certifications held: N/A

Previously elected to any office: N/A. 

Volunteer work or service in non-elected positions: Board Member, Nixon-Smiley Little League. Second Chairperson, Nixon Housing Authority. President of Nixon-Smiley Head Start Parent Council. Serve on Nixon-Smiley Student Health Advisory Committee. Serve on Nixon-Smiley CISD Campus Improvement Committee. Serve on Nixon-Smiley CISD District Site Base Committee. Serve on City of Nixon Zoning Committee. Serve as Parent Volunteer for Smiley 4H/Leesville 4H Clubs. CCD Teacher, St. Joseph’s/St. Phillip’s Catholic Churches.

Tell us about why you are running for office?  

La Fleur:  I’m seeking my 4th term to continue the improvements that the City of Nixon has accomplished the last six years. I feel like we have more improvements to make and more programs to implement. We have more work to do, and I want to be a part of that.

Trigo: When I am elected I want to assist in bringing our community together. I am serving in the Nixon Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nixon First Baptist Church. When I am elected I can provide new ideas for our City, Nonprofit organizations, Churches and citizens to work together as a whole to prosper our community.

Pompa: It is so exciting to know there are changes coming to Nixon. I want to be a part of the change to help ensure that we preserve our small-town culture while cultivating the growth of new businesses and homes. I want to get involved in learning what we need to do to grow our community to be a place people want to raise their family, open a business, and enjoy our community.

What are the greatest strengths of the city of Nixon in your opinion?

La Fleur: One of our biggest strengths is our current administration, city council and mayor. We are a cohesive unit and everyone works well together. Our police and fire departments are some of the best in the county. The city has made the improvement of their facilities and equipment a priority.

Trigo: I feel the greatest strengths the City of Nixon has is its location and its country feel. Nixon is located in the center of several large cities such as San Antonio, Victoria, Austin and Corpus Christi, It is also located within 30 miles of mid size cities, such as Seguin, Gonzales, Luling, Floresville, Cuero, LaVernia and Karnes City. Many families are beginning to move into the area to get the country atmosphere. Nixon currently has 2 new subdivisions being built as well as a new Tractor Supply Company which is planning to be built. Nixon has a new large City Hall and Community Center and a new Family Dollar Store which opened a few years ago.

Pompa: Community! Nixon is a little jewel that just needs to be polished up a little, so that others can see the charm. Nixon is a community full of people that reach out to help one another when we see that there is a need.


What are some of the biggest challenges currently facing the city of Nixon?

La Fleur: A 100 year old infrastructure. We have made it a priority to upgrade our streets, water and sewer the last six years. Most of which hasn’t been improved for over 100 years. Finding ways to fund these projects has been challenging to say the least. Luckily, we have received some grants to help off set some of these costs.

Trigo: Some of the biggest challenges currently facing the city of Nixon is its communications with its residences. Many citizens are unaware of meetings, budgets, and planned agendas. The notices of meetings and agendas currently are posted on a billboard just outside of the office. I believe a new website needs to be administered which will provide these items as well as copies of previous minutes and budgets showing money spent. Other items which can be posted are pictures of new infrastructures which are being worked on. Meeting dates can also be administered on the electronic signs off Hwy 87 next to the City Hall and the one next to the Nixon Library off Hwy 80.

Other challenges Nixon is facing are Tax Base. Nixon is unable to provide the necessary finance requirements for the required infrastructure such roads, sewer and water filtration. 

Nixon’s property value must be increased with new homes and new ordinances which require current home values to increase.

Pompa: Nixon’s budget is a huge challenge. We have so much to do to help our little jewel shine, and we must figure out how to stretch our funds and make things happen. Our streets, water (even though it meets or exceeds government standards), and our sewers are going to be strained if we grow too fast. We need to prepare our infrastructure to withstand these changes in our community.

What is your vision for the city of Nixon five years from now? How about 10 years from now?

La Fleur:  In the next 5-10 years, I hope we have improved and rehabilitated the majority of our infrastructure that has been neglected for so many years. I also want to add more businesses and subdivisions to the city. We have added one new brick and mortar business in 2021 and are expecting a new Tractor Supply at the beginning of 2024. There are currently two new subdivisions in the works, and we hope to develop more in 2024.

Trigo: My vision for the city of Nixon in five years is new residences and subdivisions which are looking for the hometown feel and new businesses which are looking to fulfill those residences’ requirements. My vision for Nixon in 10 years is to double its current population and hopefully to have other industries for employment other than the local Holmes Food.

Pompa: I hope to see Nixon have more housing available. We don’t often see homes built in Nixon but the idea of two new subdivisions gives me hope that we will be able to grow and house teachers, doctors, and many young families. I hope to be a part of this accomplishment. To me, this goal will take 5 years, and possibly even 10 years. 

What do you think your role should be as a city councilman?

La Fleur: The most important role of a city council member is to be a good steward of tax payer’s funds. Auxiliary to that, listen to the concerns of your constituents so that the people you represent have a voice.

Trigo: My role as a city council member will be to work with city council, mayor, and city manager for the betterment of the city. I will provide my ideas and knowledge. Another role will be to listen to the citizens and do as much as possible to help them.

Pompa: If elected, my role will be like that of any other alderman in any other city. City council members are the voice of the community. One council member is only one vote. I can discuss, I can research, I can learn, I can communicate, and I can reason. My plan is to use these tools to help provide a voice for the citizens and help the needs and wants of the citizens be heard and validated.