Nixon-Smiley teen wins gold in Powerlifting


Powerlifting shows off the many strengths from athletes around the world, but one Nixon-Smiley teen got chance to show off his in the national level.

13-year-old Gavino Moreno shattered records at the 2022 USA Powerlifting Youth Nationals in Las Vegas; breaking four national records and sweeping all the Texas records.

Moreno lifted a total of 1056 pounds in the national competition and took home gold.

Moreno competed the best of the best lifters around the United States, and it is an experience that he can’t put into words.

“It was definitely a shocker going over there and competing against everyone.” Gavino said.

Moreno was not stranger to facing tough competition, he said he face a lot people before the national meet like the one in the Houston where he was able to qualify for the national meet.

Moreno’s family is no stranger to power lifting and athletics, Trent Enriquez his uncle who was state powerlifter for three years in high school and runs superior powerlifting, and another uncle, Michael Enriquez, who is an athletic director.

Moreno was thrilled knowing he had members of his family that has ties to powerlifting that helped him reach to Vegas.

“Definitely helped out a lot knowing that I grew up with it. And I went to all the all the meets and I already had a general idea of what was going to happen.” Gavino said.

Kelli Moreno, Gavino mother, she has another other brother, Michael Enriquez, who’s an athletic director, she said both her brothers help Gavino out with powerlifting.

She was really proud of Gavino getting gold in the national powerlifting competition and she and her husband showed their love and support.

“Me and his dad (Neil Moreno) are extremely proud of him. He surpasses everything. He puts his mind to it and he just surpasses everything that he puts his mind to.” Kelli said.

Moreno honored his late grandmother, Lupita Enriquez, who passed away two years ago. He wears Cardinals stuff in the memory of her, Kelli said.

She is thrilled her brothers are helping her son in powerlifting and knows her mother is watching him.

“My mom is really happy right now. So we like to say she has the best seat in the house when she watches him.”

Moreno got support from the community of Nixon-Smiley and was thrilled knowing he had a community behind his back supporting him.

“It felt great. So I always had in the back of my head. If I lost this, I would have been there for nothing. So I knew I had to win either way,” Gavino said

Moreno is going to be a freshman at Nixon-Smiley High School next year and he has eyes set on the high school powerlifting team.

Gavino said he setting a goal on making it to state every year.