NPD seeks opinions on new programs


The Nixon Police Department is seeking public feedback on three potential community-outreach programs. With community-oriented policing in mind, Nixon Police Chief Chris Aviles looks to implement a “coffee with a cop” event series, a citizen’s police academy and a chief’s corner mentorship program. 

According to Aviles, coffee with a cop is “breaking down the dialogue between the community that we serve and breaking down the barriers.” It’s a public event where citizens are invited to discuss the community happenings and concerns with officers on the force. 

“The biggest thing is communication,” Aviles said. “Me conveying a message and me getting feedback.”

The citizen’s police academy is another citizen-focused event that is meant to educate the community regarding what can and can’t be done regarding law enforcement. The forum can also be another medium for citizens to convey community concerns and needs. 

“A lot of people don’t understand that unless we see a violation in our presence or view or we get ordered by a magistrate to arrest somebody, we can’t do it,” Aviles said.

Aviles called the chief's corner mentorship program “the biggest piece.” Aviles further explained that the ages his office deals most with is 19-24 and said he would like to take a proactive approach “to reach these people earlier, so we don’t have to deal with them later.” 

The program would focus on mentorship and guidance sessions with Aviles with a focus on positive reinforcement and career enhancement opportunities in law enforcement, military, aviation, vocational and entrepreneurial fields. 

Feedback on the program can be left on the Nixon Police Department Facebook page or emailed to the chief at