NRA event draws large crowd


The annual Friends of NRA Event last Thursday night at JB Wells Park was a huge success, especially for the winners of the Kawasaki Mule that was raffled off.

Pete Smith of Rosenberg was the big winner, as he won a 2019 Kawasaki SX-SC Mule with a Falcon 6 x 12 utility trailer.

Hundreds of people attended the Lexington of Texas chapter’s annual gala, as the organization raised just under $50,000 for the evening. A number of raffles, silent auction items and other auction items had attendees bidding, cheering and laughing throughout the evening.

The Gonzales chapter made a couple of special presentations during the evening.

George Black, a 30-year veteran of the United States Navy doing aircraft maintenance, was given a special plaque for his years of service in the military and to the NRA.

At the beginning of the evening’s ceremonies, all active and non-active military veterans were asked to stand. The veterans were given a big round of applause, and then the emcee asked veterans to be seated based on their years of service. At the end, only one man stood. His name was Gordon Brandenburg of Sequin, and he served 38 years in the United States Army. His son Bradley bought the rights to present his father the Fallen Heroes trophy and father and son enjoyed a standing ovation together.

“This is a good turnout tonight,” said George Reese of the Gonzales Lexington of Texas chapter. “A lot of hard work goes into putting this together, and I am glad to see so many people come out and a lot of new faces.”


Photos by Terence J. Fitzwater/Gonzales Inquirer