Preserve history, culture


Preserve history, culture

Dear Editor and friends,

I am a taxpayer and opposed to removal or destruction of our public monuments?  

In cities that have allowed monuments to be taken down or removed, those involved were not satisfied with removal of statues of Confederate, Union, black or white historic heroes. The next actions were burning and desecrating churches and looting businesses.  

Why are the Leftists so hostile to individual properties and artifacts of our Judeo-Christian civilization with its ideas that our citizens are individuals whose liberty and freedoms are from God? Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Leftists, etc. seek to remove or destroy not only the icons of our civilization, but also our liberty and individual freedoms.  

They are often funded by Marxists and anarchists and unless stopped, will continue their violent campaign against Western Christian civilization.  Their goal is to destroy our nation for totalitarian power. 

The Marxists goal is to control and dictate our thoughts, actions, and ultimately our homes and possessions. They despise Western culture and Christianity because it encourages us to think and act for ourselves, to accept responsibly, and to seek to improve ourselves and our surroundings.

The preservation of our liberties depends upon our defense of Western cultural and religious heritage and the ideas of individual liberty and God-given rights. Statues and monuments are part of our historic culture and belong to all of us. Unless we stop the removal and destruction of our icons, anarchy will continue to spread in our communities and nation.


Helen Carter