Proud of council


Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter as someone who spoke and witnessed this week’s city council meeting. I must say I am proud of the council for finally realizing they aren’t there to follow one person’s path to supreme power but, were put into power to chart a path for the citizens who put them in power themselves.

I’ve watched first-hand certain people the constituents voted to reject not elect are rewarded with positions of power after they lose an election. The Gonzales Economic Development Corporation is the most powerful and sought after board position in the city. This board that is off limits to the public and who’s members cannot even speak about what happens in those meetings makes decisions that craft legislation that ends up before the council, to be voted on fast tracking one person’s agenda, and it seems by the vote taken the council has had enough.

One person monopolizing all the positions of power in order to rule our city is not the way the council was meant to operate. I want the council members to remember they were put into power to serve the people of their district not to serve as a rubber stamp for the any person’s agenda. The constituents you represent are watching and after Four years of tax raises and going along to get along politics to stay in power, we are hoping y’all lead in an independent manner for what’s best for your district and nothing else.

Thomas Enriquez 

Gonzales, Texas