Letter to the Editor

Publisher/editor needs to pay attention to Texas matters



Interesting issue today, publisher/editor uses half the opinion page musing about his vacation and meanwhile one letter to the editor called for a replacement editor and I must agree. Mr. Fitzwater, you just are not tuned in on Texas matters and both community and paper suffer your lack of attention.

For example another letter breaches the stunning calamity about to befall the Alamo, the place of honor and respect for Gonzales area men and boys who died as Texas and worldwide heroes there the very essence of the city of Gonzales claim as Texas Independence birthplace.

This episode of politicians attempting to commercialize and change the character of the Alamo, to reimagine the Alamo as just one part of regional history that would wash out the pivotal significance of local bravery against Mexican tyranny has been ongoing for over one year now while being protested by patriotic Texans. Where were the editorial comments and outrage expected of local newspapers? Are you aware that San Antonio mayor and city council have characterized Alamo defenders as a bunch of drunk adventurers, ignoring or at least defaming Gonzales’ participants that were defending homes and families? Your reaction?

David Cole