Letter to the Editor

Questions posed after board appointments


I recently turned to social media and posted concerns as an attempt to raise not only awareness of recent happenings to the Gonzales Main Street Board, but also to encourage those in our community to bring questions to our city's councilmen.

A rather vocal respondent encouraged me to direct my questions to my city councilman.  Because I do not reside within the city limits of Gonzales, I am writing this letter to the Editor and ask the following questions to our City Councilmen and Madam Mayor.

Suzanne Zaitz has been a very proactive board member that has actively engaged in many activities in our community. Why was her application for renewal denied?  Why was there no discussion after the motion was raised? Had council spoken about this issue outside of an open meeting?

Suzanne Zaitz has put in countless hours preparing for various events. How could the decision to not reinstate Suzanne Zaitz be merit based?

Suzanne Zaitz is favored by many current board members. Why did council ignore the Main Street Board's recommendation to reappoint Suzanne Zaitz?

I'm unclear as to why any board is allowed to make a recommendation if it's simply ignored...where are our checks and balances? As it stands right now, I see a title being not only glorified, but also, abused.

I look forward to and would appreciate a public response as this community deserves answers.

Thank you and God Bless!

Valorie Daniel