Letter to the Editor

Recognizing the efforts from the GCSCA


The Gonzales County Senior Citizens Association, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Our operation serves Gonzales County with a Home Delivered Meal Program and Rural Transit Service. With the recent current events and happenings around the globe, I want to share our recent activities with COVID-19.

To begin, I want to acknowledge my small group of four employees that so diligently worked above and beyond. During the numerous changes made to accommodate those we serve, they continued to step up and kept asking, “what else do we need to do?” During the chaos and elevated stress levels, they are positive, helpful and offered normalcy to those using our services. They are truly my unsung heroes.

We operate with limited funds so crisis planning became very detailed. To implement a plan to serve our Home Delivered Meal clients their meals for the current time as well as future meals, without knowing what restrictions would be implemented, our staff delivered nearly 700 meals in one week. And, in perfect timing, we received some generous donations that allowed us to deliver extra meals in addition to the required meals. Our goal was to supplement their food supply and to limit their need to leave the home. Donations are an integral part of our business and we are extremely grateful for those that we receive.

Our Rural Transit Service continued to transport those that needed supplies from the stores, to get to work, medical appointments, and lifesaving dialysis treatments.

Yes, this is their job and they do it every day. And, as with many others who did their part, the difference is the commitment during a crisis to continue to do the best they can under abnormal circumstances and constant changes. It takes a community effort to recognize those that may be less fortunate or those that need extra assistance. Sometimes unnoticed, these members of our community are the people that share their kindness.

So, the next time you see a red and white van or the lunch delivery car, tell them THANK YOU for what they do. And THANK YOU to all the others that put in extra hours and dealt with work duties changing from minute to minute.


Kari Breitschopf

Executive Director

Gonzales County Senior Citizens Association, Inc.