Santa is coming to town Nov. 29


Santa with his one-horse sleigh will be passing through several neighborhoods in Gonzales. While social distancing, Santa decided to make an early appearance to let all the little boys and girls know he’s been thinking about them. 

Due to the weather forecast for Saturday, Santa Claus has changed his ride though the neighborhoods to Sunday, Nov. 29 at 6 p.m. Weather for Sunday has little to no rain, perfect weather for Santa. He apologizes for any inconvenience. He is looking out for all the boys and girls. He’s looking forward to seeing everyone. A Facebook Live feed of the event will be provided. Please follow the route, some roads will be used just a block or two not the whole road.

Santa's route will be:
St. Vincent Street
Left on Fair Street
Left on St. Andrew Street
Right on Robertson Street
Left on School Street
Back to St. Andrew Street
Right on Fair Street
Right on St. Louis Street
Right on St. Paul Street
Right on St. Lawrence Street