Stay calm and act humanely


Gonzales County experienced its first confirmed case of the coronavirus on Monday when a Nixon man tested positive for having the virus. The news was released by Gonzales Emergency Management and quickly shared by the Gonzales Inquirer. The county quickly moved in to quarantine the man, and the city of Nixon is under “stay home - work safe” for at least seven days in an effort to control the spread.
The county, the city of Nixon, the city of Gonzales, the state of Texas and the CDC have all posted things we can do to prevent the spread of the virus, and frankly good citizens, some people are not practicing social distancing and hand washing. Please follow the guidelines. We have posted them again in the paper and they are on our website and Facebook page.

In addition, please do not panic. Stay home except to order food or shop for food. Follow the CDC rules for social distancing. Help everyone stay safe. Act like rational human beings, unlike some of the people who posted on the Emergency Management site when it was announced there was a confirmed case. Some people vehemently demanded the person who had contracted the virus immediately be identified. It was echoed over and over on the site.

It’s time to stop the fear and deal with reality. HIPPA laws prevent disclosure of that information in the first place. Second, the people this person came in contact with will be contacted by the health department or law enforcement and be notified of next steps. That’s how it works. Freaking out is not how it works nor is it going to help resolve the fundamental crisis of our time.

Stay calm people. We are all anxious and nervous but we have to overcome our fears and act calmly and as reasonable human beings.