Super day for Super Bowl


Are you ready for some football?

That was the question I had to ask myself on Super Bowl Sunday. I was designated to be on the duty for the newspaper for the Big Game, covering various events, parties and Super Bowl celebrations at area eateries and bars.

My journey started on Saturday, as I went to HEB and Walmart to pick up my own snack specialties that I planned on taking to various early afternoon events on Sunday afternoon. I spent time on Saturday afternoon doing early prep work so I would not feel rushed on Sunday.

Sunday dawned sunny and glorious. The Super Bowl afternoon began on 183 at my friend Ricky Berger’s house. As the pre-game festivities commenced, we were all huddled around the television eating great snacks and what not. Everyone believed—or hoped—the Chiefs would win the Super Bowl. Whether it was because of the sentiment for Andy Reid or rooting for the home state hero Patrick Mahomes—the overwhelming sentiment was for the Chiefs to win.

Just as I was nicely settled into my chair enjoying the company and the food, it was time to go to work. At 3:30 p.m. I hopped into my car and headed north toward Gonzales. The first stop was at Memo’s. I entered with camera in hand. My good friend Candace was working, and a small crowd was seated in front of the big screen watching the early pre-game festivities. I quickly surveyed the crowd and the scene, and it was apparent that everyone at Memo’s was pulling for the Chiefs. After a brief conversation with Jason the owner and other patrons, it was off to my next destination.

That stop happened to be the Running M. I entered the restaurant but was surprised to see only a few patrons sitting at the bar. I inquired as to where everybody was, and the bartender pointed to the back door. I walked out back toward the patio, and discovered a nice crowd huddled under the patio.

My friend Adam Garza and his wife Jessica were holding sway over the pit, and some nice brisket and other trimmings were cooking. I saw a lot of friends there, and we chatted about the game. Like Memo’s beforehand, the vast majority of people were rooting for the Chiefs, Reid and Mahomes. It was a perfect afternoon to be outside socializing with friends and eating great food, but alas, duty called. After about 45 minutes, it was time to move on to the next destination.

The next stop was Spanky’s Sports Bar, and the place was packed. Lots of food and snacks were on display, and everyone was amped for the Big Game. Ninety percent of the crowd were rooting for the Chiefs with the exception of one zealous San Francisco fan. I watched the first half of the game there, and boy was everyone enjoying the game. There was lots of cheering, laughter and even some hooting on the 49er fan, but everyone was enjoying the game. I didn’t want to leave—but again duty called.

Now it was halftime. I got in my car and drove downtown to the Come and Take It restaurant. The place was packed, and Gaspar and Bessie had the place humming. Every table seemed to be filled, and again the overwhelming sentiment was for the Chiefs to win. I sat at a table with Eduardo, Darnell and company, and their posse was having a splendid time. As the Chiefs came back in the fourth quarter, you could feel the excitement, anticipation and happiness in the air.

Of course, the Chiefs won 31-20, and the son of Whitehouse, Texas was named the Super Bowl MVP. Everyone was smiling and happy, including yours truly.

I left the celebration to go home but came away with the knowledge and belief that if I had to work on a Sunday, this is how I would want it to be. A day of fun, good conversation, lots of laughter and a great sporting event to boot.

I have to work again this weekend, and I can only hope it is as much fun and filled with as much excitement as Sunday was. Let’s hope history repeats itself. Enjoy the weekend everyone!