Syonah M. Burditt


Syonah M Burditt, 79 of Gonzales, Texas, passed away September 12, 2021 at her daughters home in Cypress, Texas (Houston). She was born April 21, 1942 in Singapore. She married to Daniel “Dannie” Edward Burditt of Gonzales, Texas. They both used to live on St. Lawrence, Greenwood Hills, FM 2091, and small 14 acres at E. State Hwy 97, which she and children loved so much.

Syonah loved to travel and lived with her husband in foreign countries and will come home to Gonzales Tx whenever she could to be with her children. She loved the ranch life and smell of the pastures.

She was survived by her daughter, Khatijah Falli, and three sons, Yusuf, Nasser (Nasser Boy) and Fawzi, 13 grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at ISGH Hamzah in Houston, September 13, 2021. She was laid to rest at ISGH Cemetery at Cypress, Texas.