This month in Gonzales History



  • July 2, first Anglo Gonzales settlement attacked by Indians – settlers evacuate the area


  • July 1, City Council ordained that south one-half of Church Square (Block 32) be leased to Baptist Church for 99 years if a “commodious church is erected within three years”


  • July 9, report of the acts of the Texas Legislature includes an act to abolish the law which provided 1260 acres to veterans of the Texas Revolution.
  • July 16, an ordinance is passed levying a license fee of $2.50 per year for persons who pursue the occupation of boot blacking.


  • July 3, the work of putting in curbing and cement walks around the East Avenue State Park is progressing nicely.  Included is a cement bridge over the creek. Some citizens are also contracting to have cement walks poured in front of their residences.
  • July 4, Jahnke Jewelry announces that it has installed a “Time Sounder” which will be set at the correct time every morning at eleven according to the United States Observatory at Washington. Folks may call to get the correct time.
  • July 4, the park commissioners announce that the land on East Avenue between Tinsley Creek and Kerr Creek is State-owned park land and no livestock will be permitted to be on this land.
  • July 22, Frank M. Fly House nearing completion, 827 St. Joseph Street


  • July 10, a census report shows 669 goats in Gonzales County, valued at $1240.
  • July 10, a census report shows that land in Gonzales County now averages $21.13 per acre, up $11.25 per acre in the last decade.


  • July 5, barbecue dinner served to over 6,000 people as Gonzales celebrated the Fourth of July with ball games, orations, dances, and fireworks.
  • July 11, a party from San Marcos has leased the Hoskins building (then known as the Plaza Theatre) and is reworking it to put in a skating rink.


  • July 17, Nettie Willett School (on north avenue) sold to Lutheran Church with ½ square of land for $1000.


  • July, bees of August Pape’s of Monthalia produced 30,000 pounds of honey