This month in Gonzales history - December



  • Fort completed, where St. Louis Street meets Water Street (Block 3)
  • December, colonists return to Gonzales, after having abandoned the colony due to an Indian attack.


  • Dec. 11, first Anglo child born in Gonzales, James Columbus Burns, son of Arthur and Sarah Burns
  • December, population of DeWitt Colony approximately 186


  • Texas became a state, and Gonzales County is formed into present size and shape
  • Construction began on Eggleston House near Guadalupe River (Block 15) on St. Michael Street (later house is moved to East Avenue, 1303 St. Louis Street)


  • Dec. 28, a Masked Ball is to be held at Kleine Opera House on Friday night, Dec. 29.


  • Dec. 12, Michelson Brothers Candy Company operating in the 600 block of St. Joseph Street. They bought the business from George Simo who was returning to his home in Macedonia to fight the invaders from Turkey.
  • Dec. 19, Gonzales selected as cleanest town in Texas by Holland Magazine, earning $300.
  • Dec. 21, a ladies’ club, the Gonzales Civic Club, completed landscaping of Texas Heroes (Block 18) and of Confederate Square (Block 24) including curbing, cement walks, grass, ligustrums, palms, magnolias, and 16 lamp posts.


  • Dec. 10, American Legion Post Number 40 received charter
  • December, Mrs. W.H. Boothe sent one of her three pet alligators to the zoo in Sweetwater, Texas


  • Dec. 17, KCTI radio station first aired, founded by Lawrence Walshak and Frank “Woody” Wilson


  • Dec. 2, the Gonzales night school has 142 veterans enrolled. The government is providing $250,000 per year to subsidize this program so that vets may get their high school diplomas.
  • Dec. 13, the “TeePee”, a recreation and entertainment center in a large room under the stage, is expected to be operational by Feb. 1. It is to open on Friday and Saturday nights to provide a safe place for high school students to gather.
  • Dec. 29, Miss Alma McElyea, cashier at the telephone exchange, will retire on January 1 after 42 years of service to the company.