Two file so far for Gonzales mayoral race


The filing period for municipal and school board elections in Gonzales County began Jan. 19 and  there have already been two people who have filed to run for mayor of Gonzales, the county’s largest municipality.

The only position on the ballot for the City of Gonzales is that of mayor, currently held by Connie Kacir, who is running as a Republican for Gonzales County Judge. There are two candidates who have filed for the position. They are S.H. “Steve” Sucher and Isaac Anzaldua.

The Texas Secretary of State’s office confirmed to the Inquirer that Kacir could still file to run for mayor of Gonzales and run for both positions simultaneously, but state law says she “cannot hold both offices simultaneously,” said Sam Taylor, Assistant Secretary of State for Communications.

“If she were to win the County Judge position to take office in January 2023 after winning a new term for Mayor in May 2022, she would have to choose one or the other at that time,” Taylor said.

Section 141.033 of the Texas Election Code states a candidate “may not file applications for a place on the ballot for two or more offices that: (1) are not permitted by law to be held by the same person; AND (2) are to be voted on at one or more elections held on the same day.”

“The two elections in question are not being held on the same day, so it wouldn’t violate this section because it doesn’t meet both conditions set forth in 141.033(a),” Taylor said.

Also Sec. 52.034 of the Texas Election Code states a candidate’s name “may not appear more than once on the ballot except for two or more offices that are permitted by law to be held by the same person.”

“Since she would not be on the same ballot, her candidacy for both offices (voted on in different elections on different ballots) doesn’t violate this section,” Taylor added.

Kacir has not indicated she will run for mayor again after filing to run against incumbent County Judge Patrick Davis.

Gonzales ISD

The positions available on the ballot for Gonzales ISD are for District 1, currently held by Gloria Torres, and District 2, currently held by Justin Schwausch. So far, no one has filed to run for either position, said Lucy Pena, administrative assistant to GISD Superintendent John Schumacher.

City of Nixon

There are three positions available on the Nixon City Council, including mayor, currently held by Dorothy Riojas, as well as the council spots occupied by Maggie Gaytan and Mark Soto. So far, no one has filed for election at this time, said City Secretary Deborah Bustamente.

Nixon-Smiley ISD

No one has filed yet for the Nixon-Smiley ISD Board of Trustees, though the three incumbents have picked up candidate packets, said Cindy Lott, NSCISD business manager. They include Vice President and Place 5 trustee Lester Warzecha, Place 1 Trustee Mark Mendez and Place 7 Trustee Jimmy Newman.

City of Smiley

No one has filed for a place on the City of Smiley ballot so far, though three individuals have picked up packets, City Secretary Rebecca Mejia said.

Positions that will be available include mayor, currently held by Michael K. Mills, and two places on the council currently held by Wayne Dauer and Lisa Benevidez.

Waelder ISD

Two positions are on the ballot for the Waelder ISD Board of Trustees: those currently held by Troy Sullivan and Avery Williams. Troy Sullivan has filed for re-election and is the only person to file so far for Waelder ISD.

City of Waelder

There are three positions available on the Waelder City Council, including Mayor (currently held by Roy R. Tovar) as well as council member positions currently held by Robert R. Tovar and Peggy Blackmon.