Unofficial totals: runoff vote expected in District 2, Props. C and D fail


With the unofficial tabulation of votes having been released by the City of Gonzales, City Council District 2 candidates Sherri Tumlinson Koepp and Johnny R. Hunt will be on the ballot for a runoff.

City Council District 2

City Secretary Kristina Vega said the election will be canvassed on Thursday, May 6. Candidates were required to secure 50% of the vote— plus one— in order to be declared the winner. Koepp took the lead with 62 total votes between early voting and election day ballots. Johnny R. Hunt followed, with 47 votes, and James H. Lawrence earned 25 votes.

A total of 134 ballots were cast between early voting and election day ballots in the race for City Council District 2.

“I guess my comment is good luck to the two that are left,” Lawrence said. “I knew Sherri has a much better organization going with her. It would be hard to overcome. And obviously, that's the case. To the rest of it, you know, apparently I didn't appear to be the best to ‘em. So the people, the people have spoken.”

Koepp said she was thankful to be in the runoff.

“I know that there's going to be a runoff between me and Mr. Hunt,” Koepp said. “And I'm happy to be in that runoff and look forward to what comes ahead. I’m just thankful that I can be in the runoff, and wish him the best of luck, and we'll see where it goes.”

Hunt did not respond to calls from the Inquirer on election night.

City Charter Amendments

Two of six proposed amendments to the city charter did not pass in the Special Called election. These amendments, C and D, would have removed residency requirements from the charter for the positions of City Manager and Municipal Judge. Proposition C failed with 86 “For” votes and 228 “Against” votes, and proposition D failed with 90 “For” votes and 218 “Against” votes. These requirements will be upheld as they currently appear in the city’s charter.

The vote for amendments to the city’s charter is dictated by a simple majority, and will not need a runoff according to Vega.

The other four amendments— A, B, E and F— all passed. As a result of these amendments’ passage:

  • Proposition A (For: 249, Against: 62): The mayor of Gonzales and city council members are prohibited from serving on city-appointed committees, commissions or boards unless no other qualified citizen is available for appointment.
  • Proposition B (For: 249, Against: 70): This proposition removes a clause which allows the council to call for a special election to fill a vacant seat. The only remaining option for filling a vacancy would be appointment by the council if there are between 90 and 365 days left in the term of that position.
  • Proposition E (For: 162, Against: 150): Candidates for City Attorney will no longer be required to live in the city, but will not be exempt from any other qualifying criteria.
  • Proposition F (For: 174, Against: 135): This proposition amends Section 8.02 of the charter to allow for public funds to be spent on privately owned subdivisions within city limits as authorized by the Texas Constitution and other state laws.