Virus cases continue to rise


The number of COVID-19 cases in Gonzales County is nearing the 200 mark as additional cases were reported this week.

As of Tuesday, the count was at 197 with 177 recoveries and four deaths. According to Emergency Management Coordinator Jimmy Harless, the state has added a new category to its reports.

“The pending category is a newly created column from the state,” he said in a Facebook post.

County Judge Patrick Davis said on Facebook that reports are running behind in Region 8 because of the rapid increase in cases.

“Due to increasing case counts, Region 8 is experiencing a delay in completion of investigations on the same day a report is received,” he reported. “Our COVID-19 case table now includes a column for Pending Investigation. The number in this column will be added to the overall case counts for each county to reflect total reported cases. As a result, some counties will see a significant increase in total numbers due to pending cases.”

Harless said he is running behind posting information due to activation of the EOC last Friday for the Juneteenth celebration.

“After working 14 hours (Friday) we ask that you be patient with us until we are back handling the COVID information,” he said.

“Thank you to everyone that supports us and especially thank you to all of the citizens and public servants of Gonzales that did a fantastic job (Friday). Gonzales County should be proud,” he said.