Apaches place 2nd at lineman challenge


A group of Gonzales Apache linemen took on the Fredericksburg Battlin’ Billie Lineman Challenge on May 18, with Gonzales placing second behind the hosts. The linemen challenge included six events, the Farmers Walk, Hercules, Tire Flip, Sled Push/Pull, 185-pound Bench Press and Tug of War.

Taking on the challenge were Christian Almaguer, Coby Pruett, Ryan Gomez, Lion Williamson, Desmond Boland, Diego Diaz DeLeon, Silvano Reyes, Brett Jahns, Nico Anzaldua and Ivan Reyna.

“This was a great competition for our linemen to compete in, it really brought out their competitive side and allowed them to work together as a unit,” Gonzales Apaches coach Anthony Slade said. “We took 10 guys, but only eight were allowed to compete in each competition, so they communicated together as a group and figured out which eight were the best to compete in each event, a great example of team work.”

The Apaches beat out teams such as Navarro, Burnet, Wimberley and Hondo. Also participating were Lago Vista, Boerne, Comfort, Llano and Harper.

“I felt we went out and competed the best to our abilities, worked as a team and represented Gonzales very well,” Christian Almaguer said.

“The lineman challenge was great, it really brought our competitiveness out and pulled the team together,” Lion Williamson added.

“I feel we are highly underestimated, and this is just the start of what we can and will do this upcoming football season,” Desmond Bolden said.

“It’s a very competitive environment that gives us good experience,” Ryan Gomez said.

“It felt good to go out there and compete,” Silvano Reyes said. “I hope to go to more and represent Gonzales and bring home more wins.”

The competition was split into six separate events.

185 Bench for Reps:

Each participant will bench 185 for as many reps as possible. All participants totals will be added together for final total.

“These boys love to lift weights and it really paid off in this challenge,” Slade said. “We really shined in the 185 lbs. bench press where each team has eight participants to get as many reps as possible. Between our eight guys we totaled 154 reps, the most in this competition, while the majority of the teams were not able to break 100 reps.”

Farmers walk:

Each participant will carry a hex bar with a 45-, 35-, and 25-pound weight on each with a heavy chain around their neck. They will carry for 20 yards, then next participant will bring it back. They have to set down hex bar and put chain on next teammates neck. Relay format.


Each participant will carry a Swiss bar with 45s on each side above their head with a heavy chain around their neck for a total of 40 yards, 20 yards around a tire and back 20 yards, then transfer Swiss bar and put chain around teammates neck. Relay format.

Tire flip:

Each participant will flip tire for 20 yards, relay format.

Sled push/pull:

Each participant will push sled (three 45s on the sled) 15 yards. Once sled crosses 15 yards they will sprint back, sit down with legs in front and pull the sled back 15 yards with rope. Teammates can help with rope and slack, relay format.

Tug a war

Will consist of all eight teammates.

“We also did really good in the Farmers Walk competition and the Tug of War,” Slade added. “It was a great atmosphere overall, although it was a competition between the schools, everyone was yelling for and encouraging each other to compete, including the coaches. The boys competed great, especially for only having a couple of days to prepare for it. I am really proud of them and I think we have a lot of positivity to look forward to with this group.”