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The Gonzales Apaches (6-4, 3-2) are in the playoffs yet again. How far do you think the Apaches can get?

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Special election turnout

Editor:I sat as a clerk in Precinct 2 & 11 for the Constitutional Amendment Special Election. I am sorry to say that we only garnered 38 votes at our polling place. That is about the same as the …
Kat’s Corner


When I was a child – maybe six years old – I had this brilliant idea. I wanted to grow sunflowers. My mother agreed. So, I crawled around out in the family garden and I poked holes in the soil. I …
From the Editor’s Playbook

Must do better with mental health

I don’t have the answers. Neither do our nation’s leaders apparently. But apparently there are a lot of explanations. By now we know the details to the shooting in Sutherland Springs. What …
Living Out Loud

Twenty Six

The age-old question of why bad things happen to good people seems to be on the lips of many Texans this past week in the wake of the recent shooting in Sutherland Springs. I, like many of you, seek …