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It’s been awhile since we’ve had snow in Gonzales. Did you enjoy Thursday night’s “dusting of snow”?

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Living Out Loud

Ho Ho Ho, or Ho-hum?

I love Christmas, and usually look forward to all of the beautiful lights and celebrations. But this year? Not so much. This year I am without Zelma, my beloved mother-in-law. Zelma’s birthday is …
Long Branch Book Club

Once Upon a Christmastime Review

On Dec. 6, the Long Branch Book Club met to discuss Once Upon a Christmastime by local author Peggy Perry, a thought-provoking, heartwarming compilation of short stories. The club members all …
Letter to the Editor

Reader suggests Farenthold should resign

To the Editor:After reading Rob Ford's recent article on Congressman Blake Farenthold's sexual harassment suit, I felt compelled to comment.At the time of Farenthold's initial win in 2010, Cameron …
Publisher's Perspective

Remembering Pearl Harbor Day — Always

As the pages of December continue to turn, a significant day jumps off the calendar: December 7th. Does that date have any meaning to you? It does to me. Please indulge me as I explain why …