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Reflecting on one-year anniversary

How quickly time flies. One year. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. 3,153,600 seconds. That’s how long I have been in Gonzales. One year ago I moved to Gonzales for a variety of …
Publisher’s Perspective

BBQ fest with the Baker Boys

It was a normal Sunday afternoon watching football with Harlo and Geno at the Come and Take It. We were watching the Houston Texans play, when suddenly a voice behind me said: “Hey, how would …
Letter to the Editor

Laws need to be enforced on all

Sunday, Oct. 21, some inconsiderate person was burning tires which the smoke covered the town, that very toxic and awful smell woke me up. This was in the evening.I realize whoever was doing this …
Letter to the Editor

Thank you for the support

Success! What a fantastic turnout for the grand opening of our Delhi Station! The Delhi VFD Gun Raffle and Chili Cook-off annual fundraiser could not have been better or done without your …

This month in Gonzales history - Part 2

Editor’s Note: This the second half of a history column that ran last week.   1909: Nov. 11, yesterday Fred Meisenhelder commenced the building of a new Presbyterian manse to be …
Publisher’s Perspective

What is an oxymoron vacation? Read on McDuff

Last week, I took an oxymoron vacation. For those of you who don’t understand what an oxymoron vacation is, here is one way to explain it. Vacation is defined as, “an extended period of …
From the Editor’s Playbook

Original reporting matters

Ever played a game of “telephone”? If not, here’s the rundown. There’s a line of people standing next to each other and the first person whispers a sentence to the next person. Then that …

This month in Gonzales history

Editor’s Note: The second half of this column will run next week. 1847: November, Mason Thomas T. Blackwell died, causing creation of Masonic Cemetery in 1849 1853: Nov. 10, …
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