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For those who watched the FIFA Men’s World Cup this summer, will you continue to watch soccer?

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Publisher’s Perspective

He’s gone country

It’s 1:05 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. I’m sitting in my office writing this week’s column, and all I am thinking about is country music. I can’t get some songs out of mind, and I am at a loss …

Council was right to support Victoria College 

Last Thursday, the Gonzales City Council entertained a motion introduced by Councilman Dan Blakemore to consider other alternatives to the services provided by Victoria College here in Gonzales. …
Publisher’s Perspective

You can go home again — briefly

Thomas Wolfe once wrote that You Can’t Go Home Again. It was the title of a famous novel, and it has been quoted through the ages as a metaphor about our own lives and how we cannot live in the …
Letter to the Editor

What if you call 911 and EMS does not come?

When I first hit town in the 70s it was very clear that the “Good Ole’ Boy” system was alive and well in Gonzales, it didn’t matter what was done but who you were or thought …
Publisher’s Perspective

Born on the 3rd of July: Memories

I was born on the Third of July a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The years have rolled by, and they have rolled by at an increasingly faster pace than I have wanted. I am calling this …