Gonzales City Council to tackle long agenda


Gonzales City Council meets at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 6 and will address a long agenda, which includes Executive Session discussions on personnel, and JB Wells Park; a Presentation by Gonzales Police Chief Tim Crow; and housekeeping items like declaration of surplus property and placement of bus shelters.

As always, the meeting will open with a “Hearing of the Residents”, a time set aside for any person who wishes to address the City Council.

Under presentations, Chief of Police Tim Crow is slated to present the Gonzales Police Department’s Annual Report and Five Year Strategic Plan.

Under resolutions, council is set to discuss, consider and take possible action: Approving Resolution #2018-4 Authorizing the Interim City Manager to Execute an Interlocal Agreement with the Housing Authority of the City of Gonzales for the Placement of Three (3) Bus Shelters; Approving Resolution #2018-5 Adopting the FEMA Approved Gonzales County, Texas Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan; Approving Resolution #2018-6 Authorizing Gonzales Main Street's Use of Confederate Square for the 2nd Annual City Wide Yard Sale on April 14, 2018; Authorizing the Use of Texas Heroes Square Including the Parking Lot for the Gonzales Master Gardeners Annual Spring Plant Sale on March 24, 2018; Approving Resolution #2018-9 Authorizing the Appointment of a Member to the Planning & Zoning Commission; Approving Resolution #2018-10 Accepting the Communication's Grant Award from the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission to the Gonzales Fire Department for the Acquisition of Motorola APX 7000XE Digital Portable Radios; Approving Resolution #2018-11 Authorizing the Regular Scheduled City Council Meeting for Tuesday, March 6, 2018 to be Rescheduled to Monday, March 5; Approving Resolution #2018-12 Declaring Certain City Property Surplus and Authorizing the Sale of Said Property; Approving Resolution #2018-13 Approving the Recommendation of Gonzales Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for the Expenditure of Funds to the Come and Take It Committee in the amount of $9,000.00; Approving Resolution #2018-14 Receiving the Annual Racial Profiling Report from the Gonzales Police Department; and, Approving Resolution #2018-15 Authorizing Amendments to the City of Gonzales Personnel Manual.

Under ordinances, council will discuss, consider and take possible action: Approving Ordinance #2018-5 Adopting a Budget Amendment for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year by Increasing Hotel/Motel Tax Expenses by $5,000.00 to Fund the Gonzales Memorial Museum; and, approving Ordinance #2018-6 Amending the City of Gonzales Code of Ordinances Chapter 5, Fire Prevention and Protection, Article 5.3 Fire Department, Section 5.304 Officers and Duties for Paid Personnel and Volunteer Firefighters; Chain of Command Under staff and board reports are: Financial Report for the Month of January 2018; City Manager to present to City Council departmental monthly report for the Month of January 2018; and, City Secretary to Report on the Restricted Use Funds for Municipal Court.

Under action items, council is slated to discuss, consider and take possible action to: Ratify the Appointment of, and Set the Compensation for, the Interim City Manager; Approve a Job Description and Process for Filling the Position of City Manager; Approve a Job Description and Process for Filling the Position of Human Resources Director or the possibility of a Human Resource Practices Audit; Approve the Retention of Consultant Services on Finance and Management Services Until Such Time as a City Manager is Hired; Approving Resolution #2018-7 Designating the Interim City Manager as an Authorized Signatory with Financial Institutions.

The City Council reserves the right to discuss any of the above items in Executive Closed Session if they meet the qualifications in Sections 551.071, 551.072, 551.073, 551.074, 551.076, 551.087, of Chapter 551 of the Government Code of the State of Texas.

Any action resulting from discussion in executive session will be voted on when council returns to open session.