Operation Torch results in 11 drug arrests


On Monday, June 1, multiple law enforcement agencies began serving numerous arrests warrants in the Nixon, Pandora, Stockdale, and Smiley areas.

The arrests stemmed from a multijurisdictional investigation regarding the sale and distribution of narcotics. In January 2020, the Nixon Police Department along with the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division (CID) initiated Operation Torch. This long-term investigation targeted the sale and distribution activities of crystal methamphetamine in the local and greater Gonzales and Wilson county areas.

This investigation began as a local impact investigation targeting methamphetamine distributors in Nixon. The initial investigation quickly evolved into a long-term drug network of distributors. A quick response was quickly launched to disrupt the distribution network and source of the narcotics being distributed from the Austin and Houston areas, which filtered into the Gonzales and Wilson county areas.

In May, evidence was presented to a county judge securing the issuance of arrest warrants for 15 people in the investigation. Charges in the investigation are for the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance ranging from penalty groups in the first degree felony, second degree felony and state jail felony categories.

The subject’s involved were located in Nixon (5), Pandora (2), Stockdale (3), Wilson County Jail (1) Gonzales County Jail (2), Gonzales County (1) and Smiley (1). The strike force consisting of the Nixon Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division, Stockdale City Marshal’s Office, and Wilson County Sheriff’s Office planned and executed the simultaneous execution of 15 arrest warrants, resulting in 11 arrests. Four other suspects are currently at-large.