This month in Gonzales history



  • June 4, The first issue of the weekly Gonzales Inquirer begun by S.W. Smith and David Darst came off the presses. It is one of the oldest Texas papers still in existence. It was then located in the 300 block of St. Louis Street (Block 18)
  • June 11, Kleine Furniture Store constructed on northeast corner of St. James and St. Matthew Streets (Block 17). Razed later.
  • June 18, a mesmerizer arrived in town
  • June 25, Mr. Miller attacked by panther


  • June 30, City Council ordained all persons able to work the road who lived in the Inner Town should be compelled to work on the streets and roads whenever necessary


  • June 9, E.M. Steen, surveyor for the country, has been engaged for about a week in surveying the inner town. He found a large number of fences and a few buildings in the streets; that is, if he has the correct starting points. He placed iron stakes at the corner of each block, and they should, and doubtless will, guide those who may build hereafter.
  • June 16, a river bath every evening or morning is a luxury any Gonzalian can enjoy who has the energy to walk a few blocks. It is a privilege not enjoyed by every town.


  • June 6, the City Council leased the block just north of the courthouse to Mr. Berringer for six months for his market house. The County had selected this block for the new jail but the City wanted to assert its claim to the property.
  • June 20, the Commissioners Court has finally decided to have the new jail built just north of the courthouse on Central Square. It will cost $38,837 with $1000 being for a sewage system. There were 21 bids. The building will be of brick with brick trimming, and exclusive of iron work, will be constructed by Henry Kane of Lampasas, at a cost of $20,175. The iron and steel work will be done by Snead & Company of Louisville, Kentucky, at a cost of $15,850. With the sewage at $1000 and the architect’s fee of $1812.50 the total is $38,837.