Apaches hold intra-squad scrimmage


The Gonzales Apaches held an intra-squad scrimmage last Saturday on their practice field to mark the first day full-contact is allowed under UIL rules. The scrimmages were split up into junior varsity squads working against each other and varsity squads working against each other after. With a new system in place, hiccups were to be expected and head football coach Mike Waldie knows that the team is a long ways away from reaching their potential.
“One of my goals was reached, and that was great effort and being coachable,” Waldie said of the scrimmage. “What wasn’t reached was, we were not very good at all. If I said it any different, I’d be blowing smoke and I would never do that with our kiddos. Day six into a brand new offense, brand new defense, brand new staff, brand new lingo, our brains went to mush Saturday and we looked at it. It was subpar execution, but the good news is they were coachable and they tried hard and those are the hardest things to actually coach. The rest of it is on us, and we own that, doing a better job coaching. We fixed a lot of things Saturday and Sunday with that as a coaching staff and I saw it [Monday]. We got better [Monday] from the mistakes we made Saturday.”
Despite what he considered a bad scrimmage, Waldie did mention that it was to be expected.
“Year 24, I’ve seen 24 ‘watermelon-type’ scrimmages and everywhere you’ve been, they’re pretty similar. We just got to build from it, and that’s the key.”
The Apaches will use this Friday as a way to build from it as they scrimmage at Smithville against the Tigers. Varsity scrimmage is scheduled for 10:15 a.m.


Photos by José Torres/Gonzales Inquirer
The Gonzales Apaches held their annual scrimmage at their practice field last Saturday, with sub-varsity players competing against each other and later varsity players competing against each other.