Publisher’s Perspective

Assortment of reminders, thoughts


Another week, and another blank page.
I hate weeks when my mind draws a blank and asks the rhetorical question: What do I write about this week?
With that said, I do have an odd assortment of reminders and thoughts to share this week.
First of all, please take care to remember that school is back in session. Kids will be running all over the place in the morning and afternoons, so please be on the lookout—especially when you are close to area schools. In addition, please remember to follow the road protocols involving school busses. They stop at railroad tracks, so please give yourself enough space and time to avoid collisions with the busses. Remember to honor the stop signs the school busses put out until all the children have exited the busses and the stop sign is removed.
I hope this doesn’t sound like preaching, but I just wanted to remind everyone after a summer of not having to deal with schools and school busses.


You will notice in another part of the paper this week that a new building has been donated to Pioneer Village by the Ainsworth family. The building is over 90 years old and was hauled to the site last Friday where it will be painted and restored for use. Thanks to everyone involved in moving the house from Oak Forest to Gonzales, and especially to Paul and Vicki Frenzel for making the Gonzales Inquirer aware of the move and donation. When the rehabilitation and restoration are done, the Inquirer will do a feature story on the house and its history prior to the dedication ceremony.


Many of you may not be aware of this, but the county and the Gonzales County Appraisal District are in on-going negotiations to relocate the Appraisal District to the old county annex on Sarah DeWitt. This move involves the Inquirer in ways you may not realize.
All the old bound volumes of the Gonzales Inquirer have been stored there for years. Judge Bird asked me over a month ago to look into moving the bound volumes. Thanks to the good offices of Glenda Gordon and Vicki Frenzel, they told me the library would like to house the bound volumes in an environmentally sound facility. I talked to the library, and they agreed to accept the volumes.
Last Monday, four county employees and I moved over 125 years of bound volumes to the back room of the library. I want to personally thank all four men who helped move these historic treasures. They took great care in handling the volumes, and were sensitive in moving all of them, especially the really old ones. I could not have done it without their help, and I thank all of them for their assistance—especially Brian. Thanks guy for all your help, communication and understanding. I am really glad everything worked out in the end.