BYK to invest $50 million in Gonzales facility expansion


GONZALES – BYK Additives & Instruments, one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of additives and measuring instruments and a member of the ALTANA Group, today announced a commitment to expand its facility in Gonzales.

BYK expects to invest $50 million to construct a significant manufacturing facility to increase the company's capabilities and capacities for key products in the rheology additive portfolio, specifically the GARAMITE product line, ensuring that it is well placed to achieve future growth and meet customer requirements.

In addition to the expansion of production capabilities and several infrastructure upgrade measures, BYK intends to develop a new R&D Center to house the global competence center for natural rheology.

“BYK will increase its supply capability for its customers and facilitate the expected volume growth of diverse rheology additives. At the same time, we will strengthen our competitive position in the area of GARAMITE additives," BYK Additives & Instruments Division President Stephan Glander said.

GARAMITE products from BYK are natural rheology additives. They ensure, for example, that coatings have the right viscosity and contribute to the lightweight construction of cars. With its thickening effect GARAMITE replaces alternative conventional solutions while requiring less solvent to reduce both emissions and production costs. In total, BYK has six production sites in the USA. Around 150 employees work in Gonzales, Texas at the BYK site.

“We are thrilled to grow BYK’s investment in the Gonzales, TX community and enhance our global expertise in natural rheology additives," President of BYK USA, responsible for business in the NAFTA region, Alison Avery said. "These investments clearly demonstrate BYK’s commitment to growing this important product line and to the Gonzales community, which has developed an outstanding business climate and will allow BYK to attract the best and brightest to support our innovative business well into the future.”

Gonzales City Manager Sean Lally said BYK's announcement of expansion is the start of a massive boost for the city.

"It is through the efforts of many that this deal, which started in June 2017, came to fruition. I would be remiss by not offering special thanks to Ms. Genora Young, EDC president, for many hours, meetings and dedication to this project," Lally said. "This expansion shows what happens when a team is created and energized to do what is best for the city and BYK. It is an honor that BYK chose our city, I welcome many years of continued success for us both."

Young said the agreement could not have been reached if not for the dedication and cooperation of all involved.

In May Gonzales Economic Development Corporation staff received correspondence notifying staff of a potential $50 million to $75 million expansion to BYK’s Gonzales Facility. The initial correspondence also included the estimated local economic benefit for a then potential $150,000 investment. The company sought the assistance of the GEDC, City of Gonzales, as well as other taxing entities.

Lally, Young and Gonzales Mayor Connie Kacir met and corresponded with representatives of Gonzales County, Gonzales Independent School District, the Gonzales Hospital District, Office of the Governor, Workforce Development and State Representative John Cyrier’s office.

GEDC made the $150,000 investment, which was approved by Gonzales City Council in September.

"This $50 million investment stems from cooperation and community-wide effort," Kacir said. "This is a great day for our city; good things are happening in Gonzales. This expansion project is a testimony to the current leadership of our city."

Kacir said the city is focused on planning for a prosperous future and the announcement reveals the positive direction the city is moving in.

The goal of this development is to keep and create a total of 130 full-time jobs. BYK intends to use local workforce in the construction of the facility and will make efforts to employ up to 50 percent of any new staff with county residents.

"We are humbled to have had the opportunity to be considered as the site location for the BYK USA expansion," Kacir said.