City of Gonzales Code of Ethics amended


Amendments to the Code of Ethics and Conduct for City Employees were approved at the Nov. 16 Gonzales City Council meeting. These amendments remove section 9.552 "Compliant Process" of the ordinance, which was adopted in December of 2019, and replace it with a second division, titled “Rules of Procedure,” with eight sections: “Definitions,” “Function of the City Council,” “Jurisdiction and powers,” “Complaints, City Attorney’s Office,” “City Council Action,” “Hearing Process and Prohibitions,” and “Disposition.”

City Attorney Daniel Santee previously characterized this amendment as being necessary to ensure all parties in an ethics inquiry receive due process at the Oct. 8 City Council meeting. The Inquirer Facebook Live of that meeting can be watched here.

The amendments elaborate on the process for conduction an ethics violation inquiry, with a detailed structure outlining the roles and reach of all parties.