Congressman Cloud asks President Trump to not divert money previously allocated for hurricane relief in order to build border wall


Editor’s Note: Gonzales Congressman Michael Cloud recently sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to not divert money previously allocated for Hurricane Harvey relief in order to build a border wall along Mexico.

Mr. President:

I first want to reiterate my thanks for inviting me aboard Air Force One last October to discuss the importance of several ongoing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers civil works projects in my district. 

As you may know, Hurricane Harvey (DR-4332) made landfall in my district and has forever impacted the lives of the residents there. I am thankful your administration has been willing to work with my office through the complicated process of recovery, mitigation, and rebuilding. I want to continue to encourage your administration to work with my office on making sure those projects are seen through until completion. Additionally, I am firmly opposed to using Hurricane Harvey relief funds for purposes other than what they were originally appropriated for. Thank you for acknowledging the importance of the rebuilding currently underway in Texas and I urge you to continue to prioritize this recovery in the years ahead. 

I am also thankful for the attention your administration has brought to the issue of border security. Closing immigration loopholes and building a wall on our southern border are two key elements to ending this humanitarian crisis. A physical barrier dramatically reduces illegal immigration in places where it exists. In the El Paso sector alone, according to the Homeland Security Committee, apprehensions of illegal immigrants crossing the border dropped by 95 percent over 22 years and 72 percent in one year. Securing our southern border is necessary to ending the outsized influence of cartels in Mexico and in developing nations in Central America.

Please continue to focus on disaster recovery and securing our southern border. The 27th Congressional District of Texas, the whole state of Texas, and our nation depend on it. 



Michael Cloud

Member of Congress, TX-27