County sees first COVID-19 vaccinations


Two clinics in Gonzales County last week received the Moderna vaccine: Sievers Clinic and the H-E-B Pharmacy.

At least 60 people have already received the first of the two-dose Moderna vaccine. 

Those clinics will first vaccinate their staffs and first responders before turning to people age 65 and over and those with high-risk health conditions, per recommendations made Dec. 29 by the Department of State Health Services.

“We are in the process of getting our staff vaccinated this week and next, and then we will be working with our county’s first responders to get them vaccinated,” Gonzales Healthcare Systems Marketing Director Holly Danz wrote in an email. “After that, we will begin the 65+ group. I’ll have more information as to what that will look like next week.”

Likewise, H-E-B issued a statement that it be following the Centers for Disease Control-recommended vaccine distribution schedule.

DSHS data estimates the combined population of frontline workers and those vulnerable to COVID-19 to be 882. During Weeks two and three, Gonzales County clinics were allocated a total of 700 vaccine doses.

So, it is likely that some people among the frontline workers and vulnerable groups may not be vaccination within the first two weeks.

The local allocations were part of the Week Two allocation of vaccines.

No local locations were included in the Week One rollout of the Pfizer and Bio N Tech COVID-19 vaccines. Danz said that GHS is unable to store the Pfizer vaccine due to it sub-freezing storage.

Week Three’s allocation listed Memorial Hospital, and additional doses for Sievers Clinic.

On Dec. 29, Department of State Health Services Commissioner released a statement urging providers to vaccinate healthcare workers, Texans 65 years of age and older, as well as those who have health conditions which put them at greater risk.

“All providers that have received COVID-19 vaccine must immediately vaccinate healthcare workers, Texans over the age of 65, and people with medical conditions that put them at a greater risk of severe disease or death from COVID-19. No vaccine should be kept in reserve.”