Faux threat causes social media stir

Officials deem the non-issue 'a misunderstanding'


Contrary to frights of fancy by parents and others on social media looking to stir up local hysteria, officials from Gonzales ISD and the Gonzales Police Department said that there was nothing at all to a story of a threat with a firearm being made at Gonzales Junior High last week.

“There are many rumors of a school shooting or threats of a school shooting taking place at Gonzales Junior High, today Jan. 18,” Gonzales ISD Police Department said in a released statement. “Please be advised that there has been NO school shooting. At any time the Gonzales ISD receives even the slightest indication of a safety issue we take action to investigate and find no evidence to substantiate today's comments.”

Police chief Tim Crow had similar words on the non-issue.

“We responded to the school this morning regarding a threat,” Crow said. “It is our understanding a student was talking about a threat that was made two weeks ago that GISD Police Department investigated. [Jan. 18] morning response was a misunderstanding and the student today was only referring to the previous threat and was not making a threat. The Gonzales Police Department was not aware of the prior threat.”

Crow added that there was no gun involved.