Filing window open for May local elections


The filing window for the May 2, 2020 election is now open. Those interested in running have until Feb. 14, 2020 to file their candidacy. In county, the election will feature seats on local entities such as the city councils of Gonzales, Nixon, Smiley and Waelder; the school boards of Gonzales ISD, Nixon-Smiley CISD and Waelder ISD and the Gonzales Healthcare Systems and Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District Boards of Directors. For inquiries on city council positions, reach out to each respective city’s secretary.

Two seats are up for election on the Gonzales City Council: District 3, currently held by Bobby O’Neal, and District 4, currently held by Dan Blakemore. O’Neal has served both on city council and as a prior mayor of Gonzales. His current tenure on council began in May 2017.

Blakemore is the city’s current mayor pro-tempore and has served on council since May 2017. He also is a member of the Gonzales Economic Development Corporation. As of press time, Blakemore has already filed for reelection and he’s also drawn a challenger in former mayoral candidate Rob Brown.

In Nixon, Waelder and Smiley, the mayor and two council positions will be on the ballot. None of the city councils outside of city of Gonzales have districts for their seats and are elected on an at-large basis.

Mayor Dorothy Riojas, Alderwoman Maggie Gaytan and Alderman Mark Soto currently hold the positions up for reelection in Nixon. In Waelder, the seats currently held by Mayor Roy Tovar, Councilwoman Peggy Blackmon and Councilman Robert Tovar will be on the ballot. Lastly, the positions of Mayor Michael K. Mills and two council seats are up for reelection in Smiley. The Smiley council seats were previously held by Kathy Whitehead and Willie Ann Canion but both announced they would not be seeking re-election.

Several positions across the county’s three school boards will be up for re-election in May. In Gonzales ISD, District 3, 5 and 6 will be on the ballot. Those seats are currently held by Glenn Menking, Ross Hendershot III and Sue Gottwald respectively. Two at-large positions will be on the ballot in both Nixon-Smiley CISD and Waelder ISD. On the Waelder board, those seats are currently held by Dora Noyola and Diana Olmos. On the Nixon-Smiley board, those positions are currently held by William Griffin and Aly Tschoepe.

The four precinct seats on the Gonzales Healthcare Systems Board of Directors are up for re-election. Those positions are currently held by Precinct 1 Lisa Gindler, Precinct 2 Kenneth Gottwald, Precinct 3 Gregory Tieken and Precinct 4 Wayne South. Eligible candidates must reside in the precinct they seek to serve and be registered to vote. Board members serve four-year terms. Reach out to Joni Leland at 830-519-7100 with any further questions or comments regarding the GHS election.

Three seats on the Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District will be up for election in May. Precinct 2, currently held by Bruce Patteson, Precinct 4, Barry Miller and Precinct 5, Kermit Thiele Jr.