GESD to buy four new ambulances


The Gonzales Emergency Services District No. 1 board of commissioners authorized GESD executive director Eddie Callender Jr. to sign a purchase order for four Frazer generator-powered ambulances. Also built into purchase is one additional generator and two power lifting stretchers.

“They’re set up so that if a generator goes down, this guy right here, blindfolded and with one hand tied behind him, knows how to unplug it, pull it out and slide another one in and put that truck right back on the road,” Callender Jr. said.

In total, the purchase will cost the ESD $823,948. Though the purchase comes in under the ESD’s budgeted $845,500 for capital expenditures, Callender Jr. sought the board’s approval for record keeping.

“I just want the record to reflect that you authorized me to sign the purchase order because I think that’s important for the auditors to see that I didn’t do that on my own,” Callender Jr. said.

According to Callender Jr., the new ambulances will be delivered in spring 2020. Since the GESD does not yet have a design set, the truck’s livery has not been determined.