Gonzales County reports 1 active case of coronavirus, 199 pending


At the July 27 meeting of the Gonzales County Commissioner’s Court, Emergency Management Coordinator Jimmy Harless said the county only has one currently active case of coronavirus, with 199 more pending verification of residence in the county.

“I am hesitant to report pending cases because the addresses have not been verified by the state,” Harless said. “So I would assume that out of the 199, a majority of them are ours, however, they have not done the contact trace background investigation to confirm that the address actually lies within Gonzales County.”

“So one active case, 383 are recovered, five deaths and 199 pending. So please, again, let me make this public service announcement: do not look at the state chart and compare it to ours, because we are only reporting what is verified by the state. They have access to information prior to us getting the report. Their numbers will not match ours.”

On Friday, the total number of active and recovered cases, as well as deaths, was 586 according to the Region 8 report.