Gonzales Health Care Systems board approves consolidated budget


The Gonzales Health Care Systems Board held two meetings Tuesday at the THRIVE Healthplex Conference Room.

The first meeting was the budget hearing for the GHCS and Chief Financial Officer Brandon Anzaldua went over the budget with the board of directors.

Anzaldua went down and talked about the net revenue and said the hospital are budgeting $2,359,344, more than a $900,000 increase from last year.

Anzaldua went over the wages and salary and he stated this year it’ll be increase from 15.2 percent to 17.06 percent.

“Part of the reason of that is raises that we implemented during the middle of the year being put on this for the full year.” Anzaldua said.

One of the big items mention in the budget hearing was supply disruption, and Anzaldua said the hospital was hit with supply chain disruption.

“We run into problems finding right now paper and in die for CT scanners and all sorts of things are really hard to find. We’ll we look for alternatives there.”

One of the big increase from the budget was education, Anzaldua stated the hospital was well below of its budget for education for many years.

“We need to keep track of staff trained and continue to train staff on current events in the new technologies and procedures in healthcare.” Azaldua stated.

The tax rate was discussed by Azaldua, he said there won’t a lot of changes to the rate and won’t be getting a number in a couple of months.

The hospital board approved unanimously the consolidated budget.

In other hospital board business, three of the five (Sascha Kardosz, Stephanie Kodack and Timothy Markham) board members were sworn in to office during the regular meeting; Gene Reed and Kerry Morgan were not present at the meeting, but will be sworn in a later date.