Gonzales Healthcare System celebrates National Hospital week


The workers in the Gonzales Healthcare System were treated for their hard work this year for National Hospital Week last week.

National Hospital Week highlights hospitals, health systems, and health care workers and staff, showing off their work and connection within their communities, from the American Hospital Association website.

Director of Public Relations Holly Danz said the National Hospital Week coincides with Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12, as the founder of modern nursing.

“We take the week to recognize all of our staff just for the continuous work they do day in and day out to care for our community.” Danz said.

The staff within in the health care system were treated to games and food like bingo and riddles, snow cones and barbecue throughout the week.

“So we just want to make sure that everybody feels acknowledged and appreciated for all the work that they do.” Danz said.

Care Team Hospice provided the barbecue to the hospital staff and Texans Nursing and Rehab gave out Daya’s Snow cones too; both showed their appreciation of the hard work from the staff.

“I worked at a hospital for many years so I know exactly how it is in the hospital and these last few years with COVID have just made it even harder.” Tavie Erwin, branch director for the Care Team Hospice said.

It was “pleasure” to serve the hospital staff lunch and show them they appreciate their hard work, Erwin added.

THRIVE Service Manager Vanessa Wright was thrilled that that everybody was getting treated for their hard work during the week, and she said this time of the year it brings everybody together.

“We try to work as a unit from THRIVE, but also the hospital and all combined.” Wright explained. “It pulls us all together and really lets us share in all the accomplishments throughout the year and makes us feel appreciated and I think everyone enjoys it.”

Wright appreciated everyone who put in the effort making the goodie bags, passing out snow cones, finding the vendor and decorating.

“We really appreciate it we actually feel the love. It makes it all that much better working here to know that you're appreciated because it is a wonderful place to work.” Wright said.