Gonzales ISD to look into facilities assessment


With the possibility of needing upgrades to the facilities around Gonzales ISD, the school board on Monday, Sept. 9 authorized GISD Superintendent John Schumacher to seek qualifications and proposals for a facilities assessment.

Schumacher explained to the board the need to find an architect who can give an analysis with “factual data” on anything that needs repairing or replacing at the district.

“In order to do a long-range facilities plan that this would lead into, I think it’s imperative that we get factual data and not data based on our feelings and what we think,” Schumacher said. “I really want someone who’s going to come in and analyze every piece of building from the roof to the plumbing to the electrical to everything that we have so that we are really aware of what we’re up against. What we do not want to start doing is building something here and there and then 10 years later, three years later, we change it. We really want to have something that’s well thought out and well planned and to do that I’m requesting to go out for RFQ [request for quotation].”

The board of trustees agreed and voted unanimously, allowing Schumacher to begin his search. After bids are taken, the superintendent will present the information to the board at a later day and the trustees will decide whether to continue with the project.

Before the action item, Gonzales ISD Director of Operations Gene Kridler spoke in favor of the assessment during his campus update.

“I’m excited, which I think is a great move for us, to be doing a facilities assessment, which is on the agenda tonight,” he said. “I think that’s an important move for us, to look at that on where our facilities are and going forward for the next 10 years.”