Gonzales voters know what's at stake


(This letter appeared in the Oct. 1 print and e-edition of The Inquirer.)

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to the changes the city is making to be more transparent and accountable concerning the decisions they’re making.

It amazes me weeks from an election all of a sudden the leaders of our city have had an epiphany and are concerned about what the people who voted them into power have to say. It makes me wonder is this genuine our a desperate ploy to remain in power?

If the “Rulers” of Gonzales are truly concerned about the impact their decisions have had on our city, more boards and bloated bureaucracy isn’t the answer, that’s just a way to deflect responsibility for the horrible decisions being made at city hall.

What the citizens want is our right to “vote” to raise our own taxes, we want our elected officials to listen to what we are going through and actually try to help us.

We want leaders who aren’t sitting on every board our citizens volunteer to serve on. If you’re the mayor or councilman and are voting to appoint yourself to a board position you have the power to remove someone from that’s an unfair advantage the other members volunteering don’t have.

Power in the wrong hands can lead to 4 years of tax increases and being charged for services that where once free like the city dump. Citizens of Gonzales understand what’s at stake.


Thomas Enriquez