Letter to the Editor

How stupid do they think we are?


Kudos: To the citizens of Gonzales for standing up for their rights to a rollback election on this liberal over taxation issue. The citizens of our community are starting to understand the conception of ‘NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.’ It seems the people we’ve elected to represent our interests have been consumed with the power that comes with those positions and are neglecting the will of the people that put them in power.

In Gonzales, we’ve had our brush fees doubled, and are charged $25 per 15 minutes for their services that are already taxpayer funded. Pavilion park fees and swimming pool fees also doubled. The taxpayer-funded city dump once free now charges a ridiculous fee to use. Garage sales once free are now permit required. City ordinances have been created to target citizens to generate fees for the city in the form of violations. Positions have been created to allow agents of the city access on to your property that allow them to tell you how to throw away your trash, how to store a vehicle, and when to cut your grass, all punishable with a fine.

Taxes have been raised, franchise fees raised consistently by this city council under the leadership of our mayor. This is what is called LIBERAL regulation, over taxation, and is in no way conservative representation. Now the Elitists in our community have formed a LIBERAL Super Pac to try to convince the citizens in our community that higher taxes are actually a good thing. This list includes millionaire lawyers, people that are in taxpayer funded positions, and once prominent critics of the city that received taxpayer money for projects for the association they lead in their communities.

We cannot allow the influence of these people to prevail over the will of the citizens of Gonzales. This election, let’s remind the Mayor that not everyone drives a Mercedes and sleeps in a mansion. Citizens of Gonzales, go out and vote this Liberal agenda down, vote YES to reduce your taxes, and vote the people out that support higher taxes. If they want higher taxes, let’s them COME AND TAKE IT.

Thomas Enriquez