Letter to the editor

Huge void in the paper


As a subscriber to the Gonzales Inquirer I have noticed a huge void in recent issues. It is because the articles done by Pastor Lowery for the last 20 years weren’t there anymore. After checking with him he told he had been fired. He thought the reason he had been terminate was because of his beliefs on certain subjects. He had made references about homosexuality, abortion, climate change and democrats. Now if this is what caused his termination I can tell you that I looked up all these words in the dictionary and found them all there. Why would a news paper have a problem printing these words? Pastor Lowery’s only concern about the first two issues is the spiritual well being and salivation of one’s soul. The two latter words are political. Regardless of this he should be allowed to air his opinions on these subjects. He is only concerned about the wrath of God being brought down on individuals who engage in sinful life styles and continue to reject Christ. The wrath of God is mentioned 198 times in the Bible, and it’s his duty to try to save people from that wrath. So in conclusion I don’t understand why the articles cannot be returned to print for the edification for those people who may not know God’s word and this could be the only means by which to reach the unsaved; the watchman on the wall, so to speak. It seems to me all the paper would have to do if they don’t appreciate what he writes is print a disclaimer stating the opinion in the articles are not necessarily those of the Inquirer. My last thought is the truth is the truth, self-evident and cannot be changed.

Lloyd Holden