Letter to the Editor



In the event you have not been paying attention to local events lately, we are going to have a RECALL election concerning the correct tax rate for the city. This is permitted because of OUR constitutional rights in this country. This has been brought about by the “City Leaders” NOT following procedures for calculating the tax rate and trying to force WRONG numbers on US, the tax payers. THEY are advertising it as the city needing more money and to vote it down. The REAL reason is about IN†EGRI†Y. A judge has already reviewed the issue and said “THEY” were wrong. A RECALL is permitted.

The “City Leaders” were elected by the voters, took oaths of office, and swore to carry out the duties of office, INCLUDING BEING HONEST IN ALL DEALINGS. Proposing charging a FALSE tax rate is the same as using false measures in trade.

Would you pay full price for automotive fuel {gas or diesel} if all gallons had only 120 ounces instead of the full 128 ounces? Would you pay for meat if the pounds had only 14 ounces instead of the full 16?

Mind you that the price per measure unit would not change, you just get less for your money.

The Mayor and Council People have NOT acted with IN†EGRI†Y.

I have served in office myself and everything was with IN†EGRI†Y


David A. Williamson, GHS 1970, B.S. T.A.M.U. 1976, M.S. TAMU 1977