Letter to the Editor

Inquirer should drop Ramsey’s editorials


After reading Ross Ramsey's editorials the last couple of weeks makes me yearn for our recent editor, Terry Fitzwater, who recently moved. Ramsey's two recent oped pieces, one on Religion and the second on Vote by Mail, leans far left which doesn't fit with the views of most of your readers. His first piece on religion used a 102 year story and a Washington DC church to paint churches in general as slow to learn how to react in a pandemic. Our local churches quickly reacted to the virus situation which I imagine is what the vast majority of churches did.

The second piece on pushing voting by mail, a well-documented option for voter fraud, debunks Ross Ramsey's statement that, "There are arguments, debunked by election experts, that voting by mail is more vulnerable to fraud.” People in Gonzales are well aware of voter fraud as we have experienced it here first hand. Just go back a few years to see in the Inquirer the local case where fraudulent voting by ballot bundling occurred. Who are these election experts who don't know about ballot bundling fraud? Ramsey, who writes for a paper only 60 miles away, isn't aware of voter fraud in his backyard. 

The Gonzales Inquirer should drop Ramsey's left leaning opeds before subscriptions drop. 

Jon Such 

Gonzales, Texas