Letter to the editor

Law and order


To the editor,

As I see it, “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t have much ‘say-so’ about a lot of things! “Everywhere,” we meet “rules” and “regulation,” “the law says” — (Like it or not!)

How can anyone want more ‘government’ in their lives? That’s a mystery!

When my husband was in World War II, he said he had a “mean” lieutenant. He made my husband dig a foxhole and then fill it back up! I suspect to say, “I’m your boss!” My husband vowed to come home and be his ‘own’ box. (Freedom)

Even God gives us ‘freedom.’ Some enslave us, if we allow…

We know we need “law and order” or we have chaos. (Hell.) Sometimes, we don’t meet “Service with a smile!” Makes it difficult to give “service with a smile.” Like paying taxes for “the ‘show’ to operate. Of course, ‘everyone’ is a taxpayer… Whatever happened to “respect and appreciate” to “each other?”

But — there is the ‘law-abiding’ and then there is the ‘un-lawful’ …

A job to handle! God help us!

Jean Hrncirik

Bebe, Texas