Letter to the Editor

Let’s move forward


Dear Editor/Publisher,

I’m tired of the whining. I only lived in the north for a short few years, but too many of the populace whined when the weather wasn’t perfect; their job didn’t work out or they didn’t get their way. I love Texas the most of anywhere I’ve lived so far, because most Texans don’t whine. There’s a drought, let’s pray for rain and figure out a solution in the meantime. There’s an ice storm we’re not equipped for, we’ll just stay home a couple of days until it melts. We deal and move forward.

Last week’s letter to the editor struck me very un-Texan. Calling for the removal of a publisher over one disagreement is silly whining, especially a publisher that has accomplished so much for our paper and our town. Let’s move forward.

Karen Jacobs

Gonzales Texas