Lock your car! Police see uptick in thefts


The Gonzales Police Department reported four thefts of the contents of cars and trucks in the city last week.

“People need to not leave valuables in their cars, like cash, guns, and computers,” said Gonzales Police Chief Tim Crow. “People need to lock their vehicles. A lot of the these have been from unlocked carts. It’s been the most common point in the thefts.”

Police have not identified a suspect – or suspects – in the break-ins.

Two incidents were reported on the 600 block of Guerra Lane, and one each on the 1600 block of Cavett Street and the 100 Block of St. Peter Street, according to Lt. Jason Montoya. He said items stolen included a firearm, air pods, wallets and clothing.

“Some of the cars have been in carports, driveways and some parked on the street,” Crow said.

The chief suggested the residents add motion-activated lighting near their cars, especially those that record video.

Crow urged residents to pay attention to usual sounds, like constant barking from a dog that doesn’t normally bark much, voices during usually quite times overnight, as well as unfamiliar people of vehicles out on the streets and sidewalks.

“You should pay attention to something out of the ordinary,” Crow said. “It might be someone prowling or breaking into a car.”

Anyone with information about the break-ins may call the Gonzales Police at 830-672-8686.