Museum needs cleaning


Good afternoon:

Six years ago in October 2013 when the Museum was cleaned for the first time, the City Council voted for it to be cleaned again in 6-7 years. (You will have to listen to the audio of that meeting to hear this.)

(In my comments I said that Mid-Continental, the Company that cleaned it for the first time in 77 years, suggested 10 years.)

Mid-Continental, according to THS, is the Company that does more HISTORIC renovation than any other.

Time flies, as we all know, or as Willie wrote, "Funny, How Time Slips Away". It's been almost 6 years, this Fall. I wrote an email a while ago about this matter and got no reply, so I'm back to remind you again that It's showing dirt, so put it on the schedule, please. You've got some leeway in the time but put it on the schedule now. Don't ever let it get as dirty as it was, please. People come here from all over to see it, particularly young people. It must look clean.

Remember, it was built in memory of those who gave their lives for Texas freedom. We might not have a Texas to live in today if those men, and I called their names at the City Council Meeting in 2013, and their families, hadn't been thinking ahead of time to what "could be."

Our Mayor spoke right after me that night and "echoed" what I said.

I would appreciate a reply to know that somebody in our city government got this and agrees with me so I can quit trying to be heard on this issue.

Pastor Jo Ann Leifeste, Retired