Nixon looking to add speed bumps near school


In an attempt to curb speeding around Nixon-Smiley High School, the Nixon City Council unanimously voted Jan. 13 to look into placing speed bumps on streets surrounding the campus. The council discussed the placement of “four-to-five” speed bumps on Rancho Road and one on Franklin Avenue, but City Manager Harold Rice will console with Nixon-Smiley Consolidated Independent School District before moving forward on the project.

Several alder members and Nixon Police Chris Aviles spoke on issue of speeding in the area. Aviles said on top of speeding, he has seen drivers illegally pass school buses.

“I counted 87 cars in one night, from 6 to 11, on my street,” Mayor Dorothy Riojas said. “And it’s not 15, 20 miles an hour, we’re talking about 50, 60 miles an hour and there’s two houses that have little bitty ones that are always outside.”

According to Rice, one speed bump would cost approximately $250-260. The expense can be paid out of the street line item in the city’s budget. Nixon-Smiley CISD board member Mark Mendez was in attendance at Monday’s meeting and suggested the board may be willing to help the city with the costs of the project.