Letter to the editor

Notes on the rollback election


There are a few points I would like to address. First, the rollback election is only about revenue, “money.” Pure and simple. It has nothing to do with anything else. No one wants to pay taxes, but some realize that in order to have a decent city to live and work in, they are required; and, the rate set is reasonable and a responsibly set rate. Others just do not want to pay taxes regardless.

Second, if you want to know where the money is going. The whole budget is listed on the city’s website.

Yes, it is over a hundred pages; but, if truly interested, you can make your way through it. Also, right above the budget is an actual month by month register of the actual funds spent.

Third, the electric department was never a cash cow. The extra electric department funds spent to fund the general budget (needed due to the tax rate set too low to adequately fund the city budget), should have been available to maintain the electric system, which is part of the deteriorating infrastructure. Fourth, the city only contracted out the actual maintenance of the electric system as it was the most cost-efficient way to handle the cost the city was facing to bring the electric departments equipment, up to OSHA’s requirements and so they could past the safety inspections. This problem existed due to previous counsels not spending the electric funds to maintain that equipment. The city still owns the electric system. The city still collects all the money.  

James Lawrence

Gonzales, Texas