Pioneer Spirit

Pioneer Village former manager Hathaway passes Low the baton


The Pioneer Village board of directors announced that Anna Hathaway retired after serving in the role for six years and that Brandy Low has taken over as manager. The Village opened for its 2022 season on Feb. 1 with a busy schedule of docent-led tours for schools and organizations with former ag teacher and event coordinator Lowe preparing for busload of eager elementary students. Although she has previously been a board member and planner for weddings and other after-hours special events, her interest in preservation, maintenance and restoration of the historic Pioneer Village has only grown.

“When you enter the grounds, you’re entering a whole new peaceful serenity no matter why you’re here, no matter where you’re from. This is what brought us here. This is how our ancestors survived the whole reason we’re here. My favorite thing is just being here in the peace,” said Low.

Though keeping the lights on, fixing a loose board when needed, and advertising to let people know about the village has required a team effort for many years, Lowe said she believes it is very important work.

“Texas history is valuable and when it’s gone, its gone and then we can’t share it,” Low said, particularly in the Muenzler House, which was built in 1892 and still displays the home’s original Biedermeier dining room table.

She explained her interested in protecting the equipment remaining from the era when the clinic was founded by Dr. Sievers to give younger generations a better understanding of what life was like without Teladoc. The opportunity to help provide learning experiences to children through activities like churning butter have been a valuable part of her experience with the village. Low also mentioned her fondness for Miss Piggy, a friendly potbellied pig who has wandered the village for the past 15 years.

The Pioneer Village extends the community an invitation to “step back in time and see how people lived,” said Low.